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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me an exact price before seeing an item?
Unfortunately we cannot. This is because there are too many variables that affect values. Also, we must physically inspect each item to formulate our offer.

Did You Know?

Hudson Trading & Loan Company is the largest buyer of gold and precious metals in the Metrowest area.
Can I feel confident that I will be receiving the best price for my jewelry?
With our strong financial backing, along with an extensive network of national diamond and jewelry dealers, we consistently pay the highest possible prices.
Why not send my jewelry to one of those internet sites?
Unfortunately, the internet is littered with “get rich quick” companies that pay next to nothing for your jewelry.
What about broken jewelry or items missing stones?

Selling these jewelry items is not a problem. Many items sustain damage during years of wear. We consistently pay top prices for broken and damaged jewelry.
Is all solid gold jewelry melted down?

If a piece of gold jewelry is rare or very desirable, or is a designer item, then it will be valued as jewelry. If a piece of gold jewelry is not rare or not a name designer item, then it will be valued at the melt down value of the gold or platinum. With the high prices of gold, even your broken jewelry will be valuable.
Do you provide written appraisals?
We do not provide written appraisals, only verbal offers. It's important to note that offers are different from appraisals. Where an appraisal is a high retail replacement value, an offer is a cash price for the item today.
Still have questions? Contact us for an answer 978-562-1068 or Hudsonpawnshop@hotmail.com